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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hi everyone!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather!! Time to start taking walks..I have to remember to do this because it seems like I get really lost in my thoughts and projects that I am doing and forget to take the time for a break. Breaks are important and I must remember to take them. :)

The card  I am posting today is the first card of ( Cards of Blessings and Wishes )..
Encouraging words and a special little wish is important to give to those you care about. Sometimes time passes by to much with out ever contacting those of Family or Friends... maybe to just to give a little encouraging word into their day. I often think how important it would be to a lonely life to get a beautiful card that made them feel special and remembered. There are many elderly people that have no family and never hear from anyone... they set lost and lonely only living on the past and feeling there is no furture.
At 3:00am one moring I was awaken with this thought..normaly I attempt to follow through with these early morning thoughts only to as the days go by push them in the background of lifes other activites. But this is a repeated one and one I think I better act on...I also am doing a card that I choose to call a ( Memory Card )
A small version of a mini album condenced into a card..

I love making the paper bag mini albums ect..but I tend to get lost in them and add alot of areas to put input into them..thats why I love doing the Memory Cards..plenty of room for journaling a special day and add a picture or two..
If you happen to pass by my blog take time to post a comment..its nice to know there are lookers but it is even nicer to see a comment (either negitive or positive)
Thank You and
Have a blessed day!!! and good bie