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Monday, July 15, 2013

Kinda Lost Track

Hi and Blessings to those who stop by on occasion to view my blogs. I think I sorts got side tracked
for awhile and I haven't posted anything for awhile..i guess maybe that is due to not having much traffic
on either of my blogs..and I fail to continue to be excited about them. I have had blogs for many years
 and seem to have not had much traffic even when I had a blog titled Angel Wishes that I posted on regularly. There that is one of my confessions for the day..that I AT TIMEs let others determin my
out come or my achivements. That is something I know better to let happen but sometimes I fall back into that..so with that being typed/said I shall post a couple of projects I have finished.
Thanks for reading this and Have A Great Day..

This is a card I designed for my nephew's birthday....  Now when you look at the coloring effect on
the truck you Might think Hummm doesn't look very professional ( cause there are those out there who are far more talented than I ) But this is exactly the way I wanted it to look...because we have a truck like that..old and ragged  that works hard to get our job done and keep us on the road..I love this card.. I wanted it to show that this old truck.. is run down... works hard... is ragged and tattered..but still can send out love to others..we may be old but will still can be productive..:)

I made this Mae West tag for a crafting friend here on the Internet..the center is the tag and I designed it
to stand up..I wanted it to look as if she were walking down a runway greeting her audience..the bling
around her is to represent spot-lights..the sides are to represent curtains..I Love how it turned out!

two heavy paper plates hot glued together to make a note holder...it is sturdy enough to hang out side..just not in the rain..lol..

A few of the dominoes I have altered..Aren't they Gorgeous?

This is a name nag of a hope and a dream..i am going to redo this tag ki nda spurce it up a little but
this is a dream and a hope or a wish. that one day my husband and I could have a little shope and in it have those things we have created and to share our love for creating..a gift that God has given to us..A chance to greet people each day..wish them well..Most people do not really know us..we have lived most of our lives trying to be the way others want us to be..not being us..when you do that you seem to take on a different personality than who you really are..

Thanks again for stopping by and if you came this far in this post thank you bunchessss..
Be Blessed!!!!