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Monday, October 20, 2014

Way...Way far to long since I have posted..but a lot has been going on...life changing things...retirement...and a move to the country to an older home...(to renovate)  as a retirement project.
But now my Crafting Studio is set up and I am ready to get back into the swing of things again!!! First up dated posting is of my Craft Studio..love it...and i have absolutely no idea where i had all my goodies in our old place...because i came across things I had totally forgotten about!!!
I plan on being in my studio as much as I can...and some may not understand that...it's whatever you enjoy doing..if it is sports...music...writing...cooking...ect give it all you have.... this is my passion...what I enjoy...my way of having quiet time...plus I'm not much for socialising lol lol...but seriously it is my passion and what I enjoy doing..and i do it alone..
Please enjoy all the pictures I post and I will be back later to share more and thank you for stopping by...let me know if you were here...:)

My room is mix and match..and not Ikea..but it is comfy and cozy..plus kept the budget down to get supplies that i needed...hugs!!