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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas Card Time

A Friendly Hello to those who follow my blog/blogs..
I haven't posted on my blogs for awhile..it's not that I haven't been crafting..just not crafting as much.
I have made a few Christmas Cards..so I thought I would share them with you..I have made similar cards like these years ago...but not to the extent as these are..back then I didn't consider myself as a paper crafter..just a crafter who liked to make cards to share with family..I have noticed tho with searching on Pinterest and else where there are other crafters who have had the same ideas..:)
Funny how in some areas of crafting our ideas become the same..seems like it would be kinda difficult to put a Patten on a craft now days..(guess that is my little thought for the day) lol
Here is one of the cards..I hope you like it..lol..if not..well..that is ok..

I haven't completed the inside of the cards yet..I like making the inside enjoyable to look at as well as the front..( I have a very difficult time making basic cards) I think I try to get tooooo detailed and it takes me longer to make a card than what I would like it to..I try for a card a day..but it always takes two days..:(..
Thank You for visiting..and
Have a Great Day..

Friday, November 1, 2013

This was a birdhouse napkin holder..so I decided to turn it into a a birdhouse old post card holder..I love how it turned out..love the paper I chose to use..I hope you like it..Please leave a comment..and thank you for stopping by..