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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tip for today

Hi Everyone
  Time for a new Tip of the Day!!
This tip is inspired by my love for Strawberries and the need for more storage containers....
I don't know how anyone else in different areas get their strawberries from the super market/grocery
store but here in Ohio where I live we get them in small plastic containers...

These containers work great to put laces and ribbons in. Plus they stack very well!! I use these
to put the laces and ribbons in I use often. And you can see exactually what you need to use.
If you check out my youtube video on my Crafting Room/Happy Place you can see how I use them.

The picture above is a Large storage container I purchased after Christmas for $2.00 to store some
Christmas items..lol..My ribbons and lace won the battle..My Christmas Items are well protected in something different..:)

I really do hope that this tip may inspire you to look around at what you may have right in your home
to use to store you precious supplies to craft with..not to mention being frugal to save for

my Youtube channel

Have A Blessed day

Friday, August 17, 2012

Organizing Tip

Hi Everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well today, plus it's Friday..Yeahhh the week-end..Those ladies
who work all week may be excited today..because they are able to use the week end to catch up
on crafting projects that may be waiting for them..:)
I just thought I would share a few tips on ways I organize my crafting supplies in my Crafting
Room/Happy Place..
With a very very limited income and a very very strict budget an a deep desire to craft..means
thinking of ways to save money all the time..ways to store my supplies and ways to find anything
that I can use for my space and one of these ways is....a spice rack. Now I admit this isn't
very pretty to look at (right now) but I can dress it up and make it pretty later..:)
It works great..I got this at our local Goodwill Store..I have several ways I am using items that I
have in my home..and I will share these with you.
With a very tight budget I would much rather invest in my product than to spend my supply budget
on storage things. We can always alter these  and bling them up to make them pretty...right ladies?

Have a Blessed Day..

Friday, August 10, 2012

Challenge Entry

This is what I call a Paper Plate Message Holder...
I entered this in a challenge over at Nothing But Crafts on FB..A group of ladies
who have a deep passion for crafting and sharing there designs.
This is made with a paper plate and a paper clip used for the hanger..we were
to only decorate the front of the paper plate and decorate the choice of the item we chose
to use for the  hanger. The choice for the hanger were paper clip or clothespin. And O chose
to use a paper clip.
Thanks for stopping by
Have a Great Day

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lace Flowers

These lace flowers are not only really pretty, but also fun to make..perfect size for the cover of
a mini journal or even a page layout. I used to make these years ago and attached them to tie backs for draperies.
There are alot of tutorials on Youtube for making these adorable flowers..check them out..think out
the box and create a few..
I think I am going to make a few with much smaller lace..and weave ribbon through it..or how about
some netting..
Thanks for viewing
Have a Blessed day!!