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Monday, February 24, 2014

Time To get Busy

Hi everyone...I think it is time to get busy and start updating my blog. I have neglected is so very much..
and i feel badly for neglecting it!!!!

I have somewhat been distracted from creating projects..but have still been working in my room and a
couple of projects for family...

The first project I have been working on is wedding Invitations for my neice..( that was not easy to do..but was enjoyable) when I say not easy i mean that I worked extra hard at  making sure they were as perfect as I could make them...with out making to many mistakes that would cause extra paper to be purchased. She was depending on me to save her money and I could not let her down...
Here is a picture of the Wedding Invitation...please let me know what you think...


The next family project I will be doing is Graduation Invitions
for my Granddaughter.
As soon as I put one together I will upload a picture of the card.

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