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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Valentine Card

Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking out things..I am slowly getting back into the swing of things from the Holidays..I am going to try and do a project a day..and hopefully upload a pic here on CraftyGramma's..
Have a Great Day..

Thursday, January 17, 2013

2nd Valentines Card

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my blog...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Share

Over the last few months I have encountered a few ladies
who have said they were working with limited supplies for one reason or another..I also shared with them that I also work with very limited supplies and materials, and at times it becomes frustrating.
These women also said that they feel left out and somewhat ignored. They also have gone from group to group trying to fit in..
I shared with them that I am not here to fit in or to try and compete but to just craft and share and hope that something I create or say inspires someone else.
I enjoy doing the things I do...working on my blogs... occasionally doing a Youtube video and my Fb..sharing a little of my creations..I hope that others can gleem from what I am trying to say..You can have the biggest and best of anything but it is who you are and how you have treated others at the end of the day...
People pass around rak after rak..and I am lucky if I keep food on my table...I would love to share that way, but it is impossible..if I buy a supply for my crafting it is usually taken from my food budget..now I know there are others out there as well as myself or these other ladies who experience this..... so don't get offended because I am sharing what is on my heart..
What a few are experiencing seems to be an ongoing thing.
I have decided to do as I did when I first got back into Crafting after being away from it for about 5 years..I have decided to just create my projects ...share them to anyone who passes by my blog, FB or Youtube..and to check out videos..
I figured if I rant a little what do I have to lose..nothing..because I am not here for others..

Valentine Card

This is made with K&Company paper stack.This stack has
360 sheeta in it. My goal is to show those who have limited
supplies and materials they to can make pretty projects.
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Everyone who checks out my blog from time to time..and a Happy New Year even tho it is already
the 3rd day into the new year..WOW..
I really do not know what happen from my Happy Thanksgiving wish to now, seems like the time went by soooo quickly that I was not able to keep up my blogging or crafting..I think I got lost in time
somewhere..:))..plus I was not feeling well for over a week and it has been pretty cold in my little
crafting Happy Room..
Now I am somewhat back and trying to get back into posting on both of my blogs.
One of my goals for the new year is to work more diligently on my Cards that Bless..I am hopping to improve them, make more selections, be consistent, and hopefully encourage a few to help along the way to meet deadlines for the cards I send to OWH..
I also have a few projects I have lined up to do..I love making mini albums I call then Memory Albums..I have learned over a period of time how to improve on them.. mainly with the adhesive to hold them together so they can be workable for the one who receives them..Nothing more embarrassing than someone receiving one of the mini's and it not holding up for them to insert there pictures or thoughts ect...
I won't be posting everyday on this blog but I do hope to post daily on my other blog..
I also have a goal to upload more videos onto my Youtube Channel..As I create something I want to share it with the crafting community..this has been an area I have hesitated in for awhile mostly because there are a few who claim others have stolen there ideas..I find that ridiculousness because I have watched many videos of projects others have done and I have done the same thing 10 or 12 years ago..is that stealing my idea..I Think Not!!!! An altered box is an altered box..a card is a card..a stick pin is a stick pin and ect... If you like something I have created then I say by all means make it..that excites me that someone wants to do what I have done..Don't post anything if you don't want someone to duplicate it..as simple as that..Crafting is an art..a talent..a gift...something to be shared..Sooooo that is my rant for the new year..
Now I am going to create something and hope to finish it today...
Have a Great Day to Everyone..if you have a goal for the New Year please share it..Check out my other bolg and my FB...going to be updating them in the next few days...
Blessing to all...
Oh Yeah and check out some of the items I have already created in my arcives..THANKS a Bunch!!!