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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cards That Bless

I am so excited..this is the first 5 cards of a project I am  so fortunate to be involved in. This line of cards I hope to call Cards That Bless...Sometimes you can be so into what you are doing and wonder where or what is your purpose for it...and That is where I was at for a while. It seemed like so much was falling into place with making mini albums and cards that I wondered where on earth is this going. It seemed like I couldn't get anyone interested in what I was doing....to take advantage of what I could help them do..I know that every ones interest are individual and everyone has individual interest...but I just could not seem to find a partner or anyone to share this with...so I was just about ready to say ok I'm done.there is no one to sit around the table with to scrap with....to enjoy my passion with..then I  just kept praying and asking God, am I being silly in loving this.....am I being silly to think I can share a blessing with someone...Then it happen I got this most needed email and I had my answer..
I know that what we do is a reflection of who we are..and that is my hope for my cards. I want to bless others with my line of cards and I'm not looking to be some big entrepreneur,I don't want to just sell them I want to give them to those who need just a little extra love...I know I have been there and wanted it and needed it...and it never came..so my first bunch of cards will be going out this coming weekend..Thank You Lord for this direction..you showed me I do have a purpose in what you have given me..the ability to create..to love and to share...

Have a Blessed Day..
Remember to tell someone today just how much you care or better yet make a card and send it their way..believe it or not it does send a blessing and touches the heart..