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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thank You Cards

Here are two Thank You cards I have recently finished..They are very different in design.
This is because each card goes to someone who shared a Random Act of Kindness with me. It
was a total surprise. I had no idea I was getting these gifts..
Each gift was different in paper crafting items and this is why each card looks different..
The items from one of the gifts were items that others were finished with and would be discarding...items that others would probably not use..and I could pick from it and have whatever I felt I could use...I was totaly surprised that I was asked if I wanted these items...I generally never toss anything out...I feel everything can be used and has a purpose..( I never want to be discarded as if I have no purpose) so I think that is why I can never through anything away.
The other gift box was sent to me as a gift of kindness ...no strings attached..total surprise..I actually didn't know what to say...So in one week I received two RAK gifts.... each different....but both blessed me with the kindness of thinking of me...Very generous gifts, my first RAKs that I have ever received.

Thank you for visiting my blogs and Have a Blessed Day